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    Class of 2018 Top 30 Academic Students - Lawrence Central
    January 19, 2018
    Lawrence Central High School is pleased to announce and congratulate the following students that have been named as the Academic Top 30 Students for the Class of 2018.  This is not only a tremendous honor for our students, but also their families, friends, mentors and educators.  The Class of 2018 Academic Recognition Program will be held at Lawrence Education & Service Center (formerly Craig Middle School) on Tuesday, April 10th.

    Congratulations to the following students:

    Aiysha Amjad
    Kiara Bahamonde
    Peter Chung
    Katelyn Clemow
    Maria Estrada
    Jacob Fahey
    Emily Grecu
    Jade Green
    Nina Harrod
    Caliel Hines
    Joshua Hughey
    Katharine James
    Nikhil Joshi
    Lauren Koehring
    Benjamin Leraris
    Alexander Lukens
    Zachary Magee
    Brianna McMonagle
    Michelle Moffatt
    Joseph Morone
    Lisett Navarrete
    Abagail Nixon
    Abigail Olbina
    Max Parent
    Dillon Stauffer
    Macie Tarr
    Teana Terrell
    Annalisa Wager
    Abigale Wilson
    Sylvia Yun


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