Lawrence Central High School

Metropolitan District of Lawrence Township

Phone: (317) 964-7400 | Attendance: (317) 964-7405

    Winter Weather Guidelines
    October 31, 2017

    Making the Call: Inclement Weather

    The decision to delay or cancel school is not a light-hearted or flippant decision. When a threat appears, Dr. Smith is in regular communication with Executive Director of Operations, Rodger Smith, and Transportation Director, Matt Miles. Mr. Smith and Mr. Miles actually drive around the district after midnight several times to assess the condition of the roads in Lawrence Township. They then provide their recommendation for Dr. Smith’s consideration. According to Mr. Smith, “Timing is the hardest part of the whole process, as we cannot control the weather.”

    The geography of the district does play a role in the determination and the geography of Lawrence Township is different from the other Marion County districts. There are some hill-y areas on east 82nd Street and Fall Creek. These critical areas are watched with regard to both salt and plowing. 82nd Street, Fall Creek Road, Shadeland Avenue, and the southern and southeastern parts of the district are prone to snow drifting. Many streets lack sidewalks, forcing students to stand in the street following significant snow accumulation.

    With regard to temperature and other specifics, visit: Weather Related School Closing Procedures & Guidelines.


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