Lawrence Central High School

Metropolitan District of Lawrence Township

Phone: (317) 964-7400 | Attendance: (317) 964-7405

Staff Directory

Office Staff

Principal - Franklyn Bush (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant to the Principal - Raylene Carr (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Seniors (Class of 2018) - Dr. Brian Davis (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal -Juniors (Class of 2019) - Corey McGarrell (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Sophomores (Class of 2020) - Retha Swain (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Freshman (Class of 2021) - J. R. Shelt (Contact Me)
Bi-Lingual Administrative Assistant - Freshman Center - Yolanda Vargas (Contact Me)
Freshman Center Student Management - Marcus Watts (Contact Me)
Front Office Administrative Assistant - Lauren Hughes (Contact Me)
Upper Level Student Management - Marcus Davis (Contact Me)
Attendance Dean - Adrian Gatewood (Contact Me)
Attendance Office Administrative Assistant - Gena Leftridge (Contact Me)
Treasurer  - Stacey Hiles (Contact Me)
Registrar - Chad Cross (Contact Me)
Athletic Director - Ryan Banas (Contact Me)
Assistant Athletic Director  - Alfie Hernandez (Contact Me)
Athletic Office Administrative Assistant - Zach Graham (Contact Me)
Bookstore Manager - Cindy Rahm (Contact Me)
Nurse - Marijo Trissler (Contact Me)
Nurse - Jean Handley (Contact Me)
Cafeteria Manager - Robin Belcher (Contact Me)
Head Maintenance - Steve Beaver (Contact Me)
Technology - Denny Krauser (Contact Me)
Technology - Chrome Books - Eric Sibbing (Contact Me)
Facilities Manager - John Hayth (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - George Brown (Contact Me)
Home School Advisor - Candace Robinson (Contact Me)
SIOP Coach - Erika Tran (Contact Me)
Gallahue Therapist - Karli Davis (Contact Me)
Gallahue Therapist - Jamie Hill (Contact Me)
Tardy Room/ISS Monitor - Stephan Morris (Contact Me)
Study Hall Monitor - David Bridges (Contact Me)
Permanent Building Sub - Shirley Nunnally (Contact Me)
Permanent Building Substitute - Gladys Short (Contact Me)
Permanent Building Substitute - Joe Zachery (Contact Me)

Alternative Learning

Deborah Messinger (Contact Me)


Donald Adams (Contact Me)
Julia Duke (Contact Me)
Wendy Golden (Contact Me) Department Chair
Katrinka Toebes (Contact Me)


Kurt Freytag (Contact Me) AVID - Class of 2020
Chris Harmon (Contact Me) Department Chair/AVID Teacher Class of 2018 & 2019
Jon Kowalczyk (Contact Me) AVID - Class of 2021
Barbara Adams (Contact Me) Tutor
Mathew Bauer (Contact Me) Tutor
Linda Lukens (Contact Me) Tutor
Colin Silberberg Tutor
Pamela Webb (Contact Me) Tutor


Jon Kowalczyk (Contact Me)


Meghan Bohney (Contact Me)
Claire Burke (Contact Me) Journalism/Yearbook
Scott Dehnke (Contact Me)
Trinda Foley (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Christina Hunt (Contact Me)
Lauren Howey (Contact Me)
Shari Jacobs (Contact Me)
Kathleen Legge (Contact Me) IB Coordinator
Elizabeth Majewski (Contact Me)
David Mattingly (Contact Me)
Larissa McCormick (Contact Me)
Claire Moran (Contact Me)
Michael Nickels (Contact Me)
Linus Peck (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Christine Rush (Contact Me)
Paige Wyatt (Contact Me)
Donald Zelaya (Contact Me)

English as a New Language

Linda Itoka (Contact Me)
Claire Moran (Contact Me)
Manuel Torres (Contact Me)

Exceptional Learners

Beth Bastien (Contact Me) School Psychologist
Carla Bradford (Contact Me) Intensive Intervention
Jerin Burch (Contact Me) Speech & Language Pathologist
Sher Dobie (Contact Me) Basic Skills Development/Math Co-Teacher
Deborah Dufek (Contact Me) Functional Academics
Marla Gee (Contact Me) Basic Skills Development/English Co-Teacher
Jenny Hoffman (Contact Me) Life Skills
Jacqueline Kennard (Contact Me) Functional Academics
Carey Northcutt (Contact Me) Functional Academics
Will Patterson (Contact Me) Intensive Intervention
Jesse Pierson (Contact Me) Life Skills
Jennifer Pritchard (Contact Me) Basic Skills Development/English Co-Teacher
Jennifer Query (Contact Me) Basic Skills Development/English Co-Teacher
Colleen Renie (Contact Me)
Rebecca Sparks (Contact Me) Basic Skills Development/English Co-Teacher
Jason Spear (Contact Me) Intensive Intervention
Dawn Wiseman (Contact Me) Department Chair
Kendra Zimmerman (Contact Me) Life Skills

Family and Consumer Science

Lisa Buggs (Contact Me) Department Chair
Cynthia Shank (Contact Me)


Kim Dynak (Contact Me) Class of 2018 (M-RAM); Class of 2019 (M-RAM and 2019 AVID); Class of 2020 (M-RAM)
Deena Fogle (Contact Me) Classes of 2018, 2019, & 2020 (A-CAN and IB Students);
Lynna Hairston (Contact Me) Data Services Coordinator
KaNeasha Koebcke (Contact Me) Director of Guidance; Classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020 (U-Z)
Candis Lavallais (Contact Me) Class of 2021 (HO-Z
Brian Maloney (Contact Me) Class of 2020 AVID; Class of 2021 (A-HI and AVID)
Suzanne Oakes (Contact Me) Classes of 2018, 2019, & 2020 (CAR-GRE)
Kim Payne-Shearer (Contact Me) Classes of 2018, 2019, & 2020 (RAN-T) and 2018 AVID
Cherlisa Richardson (Contact Me) College & Career Counselor - All Grades
Oliver Smith (Contact Me) Classes of 2018, 2019, & 2020 (GRI-L)
Tim Taylor (Contact Me) Guidance Office Assistant
Maggie Youngblood (Contact Me) Testing Coordinator

Hearing Impaired

Pam Gennett (Contact Me) Department Chair
Christina Holifield (Contact Me) Interpreter
Doris Mast (Contact Me) Interpreter


Tony Arrington (Contact Me)
Spencer Calhoun (Contact Me)
Joanne Carroll (Contact Me)
Lonnie Chamberlain (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Joseph Conway (Contact Me)
Sheri Dowden (Contact Me) Department Co-Chair
Ketrice Jackson (Contact Me)
Harrison Nguyen (Contact Me)
India Scott (Contact Me)
Lynda Sherer (Contact Me)
Chad Sivertson (Contact Me)
Karen Spitler (Contact Me)
Julie Stephanoff (Contact Me)
Kimberly Taylor (Contact Me)
Tracy Thibodeau (Contact Me)
William Tyler (Contact Me)

E Learning/Information Specialist

Aaron Lunsford (Contact Me) E Learning/Information Specialist & E-Coach
Kelley Chan (Contact Me) E-Coach
Lisa Honeycutt (Contact Me) Media Center Assistant
Amber Leonhard (Contact Me) E-Coach
Elizabeth Majewski (Contact Me) E-Coach
Kevin Self (Contact Me) E-Coach
Tracy Thibodeau (Contact Me) E-Coach

My Achievement Center and Plato Lab

Chauncey Duff (Contact Me) Coordinator
Lynn Sanders (Contact Me) Tutor

Performing Arts

Joy Conners (Contact Me)
Kim Corman (Contact Me) Administrative Assistant
Milo Ellis (Contact Me)
Suzanne Felli (Contact Me) Administrative Asst. - Sub
Christine Ghinder (Contact Me) Dance Instructor
Brianna Holt (Contact Me) Choral Director
Kathleen Horrigan (Contact Me)
Matt James (Contact Me) Department Chair
Kristina LaMarca (Contact Me) Band Director
Charles Manning (Contact Me) Accompanist IA
Amy Svendsen (Contact Me) Administrative Asst. - Sub
Steven Yoder (Contact Me) Band Accompanist
Jay Young (Contact Me) Jazz Band & Stagecraft Production

Physical Education/Health

Kurt Freytag (Contact Me)
Albert Gooden (Contact Me) Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
Stephanie Keller (Contact Me) Department Chair
John Rodenberg (Contact Me) Varsity Football Coach
Justun Sharp (Contact Me)
Erynn Williams (Contact Me)


Alan Burrell (Contact Me)
Kyong Marie Damron (Contact Me)
Ryan Keller (Contact Me)
Amber Leonhard (Contact Me)
Anne Marie Milligan (Contact Me) Department Chair
Greta Murphy (Contact Me)
Bryan Peters (Contact Me)
Tim Richey (Contact Me)
Kyle Schwingendorf (Contact Me)
Kevin Self (Contact Me)
Anthony Stanich (Contact Me)
Alysavit Steinmetz (Contact Me)
Russell Sumner (Contact Me)
Lishawna Taylor (Contact Me)

Social Studies

Tim Barthel (Contact Me)
Nick Derado (Contact Me)
James Etherington (Contact Me)
Teresa Foley (Contact Me)
Steve Gretencord (Contact Me)
Drew Horvath (Contact Me)
Chris Meguschar (Contact Me)
Paul Patterson (Contact Me)
Andy Renie (Contact Me)
Harold Spooner (Contact Me)
Patrick Terwilliger (Contact Me)
Brian Walls (Contact Me)
Don Weir (Contact Me) Department Chair
Anthony Wong (Contact Me)
Stacy Wright (Contact Me)

World Languages

Kelley Chan (Contact Me)
Dale Darlage (Contact Me)
Jill Hilgemeier (Contact Me) Department Chair
Tony LaGrotto (Contact Me)
Abagail Lebo (Contact Me)
Laura Renner (Contact Me)
Stacy Roeschlein (Contact Me)
Richar Torres (Contact Me)