Guidance Department

Welcome! The Guidance Department is provided to help each student in his/her social, educational, personal and vocational development. The counselors are in the office during the school day and are eager to talk with students and parents. 

Guidance Department Fax (317) 543-3326
Transcript requests/education verification, please call (317) 964-7423 or fax your request to (317)543-3326.

Curriculum Night Presentations


SAT/PSAT Test Prep

FREE Online SAT/PSAT Test Prep for ALL Lawrence Central students:  Thanks to the generosity of the Lawrence Central PFO, we are excited to offer PrepMe – a free SAT/PSAT Prep program offered through Naviance that is now available to every LC student.  PrepMe provides curricula, quizzes and tests that prepare students for the SAT and the PSAT.  The program diagnoses each student's individual strengths and weaknesses and then creates an individualized study plan for him/her. Students can access this amazing program online via their Naviance account by clicking here.  If students have not yet created their Naviance accounts or have misplaced their Naviance password, please have them see their guidance counselor ASAP.  

Transcript Requests

  • If you are class of 2003 and later, you can now order these online!
  • If you are class of 2002 or earlier, you will still need to email the School Registrar, Chad Cross to request one.

Requests may also be made by phone -- call (317) 964-7520.  Transcripts should be picked up at Door 2 (Main Entrance of the building).

Guidance Staff

Kim Dynak (Contact Me) MAU-RIC (Gr. 10-12) and 2021 AVID 

Deena Fogle (Contact Me) A-CHA and IB (Gr. 10-12) 

Lynna Hairston (Contact Me) Data Specialist Administrative Assistant

KaNeasha Koebcke (Contact Me) Director of Guidance; U-Z (Gr. 10-12)

Brian Maloney (Contact Me) A-HA (Gr. 9), A-G , 2022 & 2023 AVID

Deborah Messinger (Contact Me) CHE-HAV (Gr. 10-12)

Kim Payne-Shearer (Contact Me) RID-T (Gr. 10-12) and 2020 AVID

Cherlisa Richardson (Contact Me) H-Z (Gr. 9)

Oliver Smith (Contact Me) HAW-MAT (Gr. 10-12)

Tim Taylor (Contact Me) Administrative Assistant to the Guidance Counselors

Registrar - Chad Cross (Contact Me)

Maggie Youngblood (Contact Me) Testing Coordinator