Last year Lawrence Central students were offered over twelve million dollars in scholarship money!  This year we hope to do even better.  Most of the scholarship money is offered directly from the colleges.  So, once a student has been accepted into a school and decides to go there, the student and parent should check that college’s website for scholarships for that institution. 

We have links below for the scholarship pages for all of the state schools in Indiana.  Also, it is a good idea to check with the college’s Financial Aid Office for further information.  We also have links to many scholarship search engines.  Lawrence Central advertises all scholarships that we know of and scholarship information that has been sent to us.

Scholarships are advertised on the LC Scholarship listserve and via Naviance.  Students and parents need to be diligent about keeping up on what we advertise.  We have also attached a link here that lists every scholarship that we advertised last year.  With this list students and parents can anticipate scholarships that will be coming up. 

Finally, LCHS hosts Financial Aid meetings for parents and students.  We bring in professional financial aid people to provide up to the minute information. As always, contact the Counseling Office for questions.  Good luck as you look “4 Cash 4 College!”


Scholarship and Financial Aid Links from Indiana State Public Schools

Search Engines for Scholarships