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School Counseling

School Counselors

Ms. Kim Dynak - MC-RAM and 2027 AVID
(Contact Kim Dynak)

Ms. Deena Fogle - A-CRE and IB
(Contact Deena Fogle)

Ms. KaNeasha Koebcke - Director of Guidance; 2025 AVID
(Contact KaNeasha Koebcke)

Ms. Deborah Messinger - CRI-HARS
(Contact Deborah Messinger)

Ms. Lavonnya Mickens - College & Career Counselor
(Contact Lavonnya Mickens)

Ms. Kim Payne-Shearer - RAN-TA and 2024 AVID
(Contact Kim Payne-Shearer)

Ms. Cherlisa Richardson - HART-MA
(Contact Cherlisa Richardson) 

Ms. Christine Soto Soto - Levels 1, 2, & 3 ENL students
(Contact Christine Soto) 

Ms. Betsy Strader -  TE-Z and 2026 AVID
(Contact Betsy Strader)

Ms. Lynna Hairston - Data Specialist Administrative Assistant
(Contact Lynna Hairston)

Mr. Tim Taylor - Administrative Assistant 
(Contact Tim Taylor)

Ms. Maggie Youngblood - Testing Coordinator
(Contact Maggie Youngblood)